Shilin Stone Forest

Shilin stone forest panShilin stone forest is a karst scenic area formed out of limestone where uneven errosion has left large standing rock pillars forming unusual shapes.

We went to Shilin Stone Forest on a day trip from Kunming and arrived about 10.30am.

The entrance area to the forest was already packed with tourists which had us initially worried that the park was going to be mobbed. After we entered we consulted the map and decided to go on a walk away from the main entrance and guided tours. After walking only a few minutes we found ourselves alone and we could enjoy the scenic area without crowds.

We walked among narrow gorges formed in the huge stones which towered above us, admiring the scenery.


The more unusually shaped stones were named after the object they looked like but we often could not see the same shape. So we often had to rename them, like the Backpacker which was previously called the Eternal Mushroom.

Stone forest

Stone forest

Stone forest

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