Yuanyang Rice Terrances

We spent 3 very enjoyable days in Duoyishu admiring the Hani Rice Terraces.

Rice Terrace

We stayed at Jacky’s Guesthouse. It was very comfortable with a rooftop area with excellent views directly over the terraces; which made  it easy just to roll out of bed to see the sunrise.

Rice Terrace

Jacky also provides advice about good walks among the terraces. Walking around terraces and villages is interesting and you get to see how the local Hani people live.

The area is very foggy due to the water filled terraces. This fog plays around the valleys creating an enchanting atmosphere where one moment you are unable to see more than 5 metres then within minutes it lifts to present wonderful vistas of the valley and mountains.

During our time there we went for two walks both recommended by Jacky.

The first walk included a visit to the local market then a countryside path through the middle of the terraces.


The market is a weekly event where locals bring their produce to sell and exchange. We were dropped off at the village by a minibus and wandered up the busy street towards the market. As we walked along the street we passed a local with three small pigs on leads, they were walking towards the market but like a stubborn dog one had decided to sit down and I don’t blame it after what we saw later that day.

The walk through the terraces was enjoyable and we saw lots of wildlife and farm animals. The farmers were ploughing their fields using traditional ploughs pulled by water buffalo; there were kingfishers, ducks and geese all enjoying water filled terraces. The views this day were nice, limited by fog, but the walk was still enjoyable.

Rice terrace - ducks

As we passed through one of the villages; we came across some locals cooking their dinner. They had set a fire in the middle of the concrete path and were roasting a pig whole.

Later that day, on the way back to the guesthouse, we were passed by a local carrying the head of water buffalo by its horns. The head was still dripping with blood creating a dotted line in the direction we were going. This man was followed by another local carrying the lower leg and hoofs. We quickly walked towards our guesthouse, passing an alleyway where the dotted trail led, staring straight forward trying not to look down the alleyway being use by a crowd of locals as an abattoir.

The second day we did a short walk to a local village and through some more rice terraces.

The village was interesting seeing the traditional houses with their pigs stys attached and their water buffalos wandering free.

Rice Terrace - house

This day the weather was clearer and we were rewarded with excellent views.

Rice TerraceRice terrace - farmerRice TerraceRice Terrace Rice terrace - clouds imageRice terrace - pet dog


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