The Selfie Stick

Normally when you want a photo of yourself you stand around looking for another tourist who looks honest and has a nice camera. If they have a camera then they probably know to take a photo. Once you see your target, you appoach and ask. Normally a quick photo is taken but little time or accuracy is taken over the photo. You then just hope that the photo has captured the scene the way you wish. The photos are often disappointing; someones not smiling or the background is not fully covered or you have been photo bombed by a large Russian in a 80’s style tracksuit.

The selfie stick (Xshot Pro) has come to the rescue. This device is a very small and light weight telescopic pole. It allows the user to mount the camera at the end of the pole, after selecting a delayed shot on the camera, lift the camera in place by a person in photo and take the picture. This allows you to take your time over the photo and do it multiple times without relying on the good will of others. It can also allow you to take photos where you can’t get someone else to do one for you.


The second and probably more important use of the selfie stick is for crowd photos. Using the pole, you can raise the camera above crowds in order to take photos of scenes, which previously were impossible to get because of the crowd getting in the way of the photo.


In summary, I think the selfie stick is a valuable tool for photography which is required to get the best photos in crowds and photos of yourself. Well worth the (small) space it takes up in your bag.

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