Tallinn: Our favourite Baltic capital


After a whirlwind trip across Europe we had finally reached the edge of the EU zone when we arrived in Estonia. I had previously fallen for the charms of Vilnius and Riga but was pleasantly surprised to find I had a new favourite Baltic capital in the form of Tallinn.

Strolling from the bus station to our hostel in the old town took us through the new part of the city. As it was a Sunday everything was quiet and it kind of reminded me of the area I used to work in in London which was also pretty dead at the weekend.

Then we crossed over into the old town. This old town felt really old! Much older than in Vilnius or Riga. There was plenty of cobbled winding streets, big stone buildings, towering church spires, city wall remnants and a castle on the top of the hill in the old town. 

Tallinn Tallinn

For once I had managed to pick somewhere to stay where we were right in the middle of all the places of interest. This made it really easy to explore the place at a leisurely pace without racking up as many miles in doing so. This was an added bonus as we were both beginning to feel the effects of rushing across Europe and were starting to feel a bit worn out. Another added bonus was that our hostel had tea!! Anyone who knows me would tell you I have a serious tea addiction. By this point I had gone 10 days without tea. That is unprecedented for me. Never in my life since taking up the habit of tea have I gone that long without! So we had the perfect central location to explore where I could pop back in for a cup of tea every so often if required. Perfect. 

So what did we get up to in Tallinn (besides drinking tea)? We wandered up to the top of the hill in the old town and took in the views from the various viewing points. 


We went up the top of St Olaf’s to admire the views from there too. 

Tallinn Tallinn

And after that we just explored the old town a bit more and then relaxed. I was definitely looking forward to our next stop in St Petersburg as the thought of staying in one place for longer was sounding very appealing by this point. Although admittedly I was now kicking myself for not allowing longer in Tallinn, our new favourite Baltic capital. 


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