Berlin from a less touristy point of view

German & Berlin Flags

We have sadly come to end of our two night stay in a Berlin with our friends Andy & Jane. It has been great staying with them as they have been able to give us an insight of what it is like to live in Berlin. Alan and I had previously visited Berlin back in 2007 and had covered the main tourist attractions then, so when Andy & Jane asked us what we wanted to do we simply asked them to show us around and take us to nice places to eat and drink.

Beer Garden

Most of our time here has been spent wandering through the city, stopping off every so often for something tasty to eat or drink. Andy and Jane live in what was part of East Berlin and the area they live in is now a vibrant neighbourhood with lots of restaurants, bar, markets and ice cream cafés. The ice cream cafés were interesting, they apparently do a roaring trade even in the depths of winter. We saw people at gone midnight queuing up for ice cream after a night out, mind you I can’t blame them as the ice cream we tried was pretty good!

We did see a few sights on our way, some touristy, and in the Tier garden some more unusual sights consisting of naked sunbathing men (that was a surprise at 2pm wandering through the park!) and a Michael Jackson tribute tree planted by his fans earlier this year.

Here are some of the more touristy pictures we took:


Brandenburg Gate


It has been a whistle stop visit to Berlin, but nonetheless a really good one as we have seen a different side to the city and I certainly appreciate the appeal of it more from the visit this time round. I’ve also had a chance to dust off my very rusty German and can report it is actually still ok, so that was a pleasant surprise. Next stop Warsaw and I’m expecting the culture shock to kick in a bit more when we are somewhere we can’t speak the language. Germany has been a good gentle introduction to ease us into our travels. I look forward to my next visit to this country, whenever that may be!

Also, special thanks to Andy and Jane for putting us up for 2 nights and looking after us. See you guys soon hopefully.




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  1. Just catching up with your travels, I’m a little behind! Glad you enjoyed your stay!

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