The first 24 hours and a quick pitstop in Cologne


Guten Tag! We have now safely arrived in Germany. Our first day of travel consisted of 4 trains and a tube train to get us from my parents house to Cologne. This took a around 7 hours door to door although the many changes broke the journey up nicely.

Upon arriving in Cologne we dumped our bags (which are already starting to feel heavy, think we might have over packed!) at the hostel and headed out for dinner and a wander around the city. Cologne seemed quite pleasant and we were soon into tourist mode taking pictures and relaxing walking by the Rhine. It seemed almost surreal that after months of planning and preparing we were finally on our adventure!

image image image

We were staying in a dorm room in the hostel which was a completely new experience for me. I like my sleep and I especially like my sleep not to be disturbed so had been quite worried I would find staying in a dorm pure hell. My fears however were unfounded. There was a nice and friendly Canadian couple in our room as well as two other people who were in bed by the time we got back in. Everyone was considerate of each other and we both had a decent nights sleep. There was a rogue snorer somewhere in the room, I couldn’t work out who it was but after establishing it wasn’t Alan (who I was going to nudge in aid of dorm community spirit if it was him…) I just pushed my earplugs in further and rolled back over to sleep. As well as that the whole place was spotless so all in all it was a positive experience that has eased my fears over subsequent dorms we are booked in to stay at in the next few weeks.

Then this morning it was time to heave our bags back into our backs and head back to the train station. We are now en-route to Berlin to visit our friends who live there. I had thought that all these train journeys would give me a chance to do some reading but so far all it seems I want to do is stare out the window at the changing scenery with a silly grin on my face.


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3 Responses to The first 24 hours and a quick pitstop in Cologne

  1. Shona says:

    smiling reading your first blog on route….what a wonderful time you are in for! x

  2. Rob Taylor says:

    Just a coincidence I’m sure, but that gargoyle looks just like Alan 🙂

  3. Sue Weston says:

    Oliver is his usual happy catty self. He got wet from being out in the garden and came in to tell us all about it; even climbing onto the diningroom table to talk to Dad about it! Glad you have made a good start to your travelling. Love Mum and Oliver also says Hello! xxx

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