Selling up

One decision we had to make before going away was what to do with all our stuff. We lived in a three bed rented house which we had managed to fill up with lots of ‘stuff.’ We looked into the cost of storage and hiring vans for moving it all around. It was working out to be quite a lot. We were also very aware of other people we have known who have been away, packing all their stuff in storage, and then chucking it all away anyway when they got back again.

Then we started trying to work out what we were really bothered about keeping…

Turns out most things were replaceable and of little sentimental value to us. Excellent. But how to get rid of it all…?

We started with the easy things to sell online through Amazon Marketplace and eBay. Then as time moved closer to departure day for leaving the house we started doing car boot sales.

Selling our junk!

Selling our junk!

These shifted a lot of stuff and helped raise some cash towards our trip. Most of the things we sold had been sitting gathering dust unused for years. Some stuff had even managed to make it through successive house moves and still remain unused! It felt good to be getting rid of it all.

Then we upped the ante and started selling our furniture, again using eBay and Gumtree.

Now we are out of our house and staying with my parents who have put us up before we go. We do not own a single piece of furniture anymore and have just sold the car. What little we do still own is now safely stored at my lovely Gran’s house who has very kindly given us use of her garage while we are away.

I lost track a while ago of how much money this has raised, but estimate it is in excess of £1,500. All useful towards the travel fund. I know we will have to buy a lot of things when we get back, but it’s kind of exciting to be starting again so I don’t mind. Also we don’t have to get everything all at once, we can take our time over it. Never again though do I intend to accumulate so much junk in my life again!

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